Weekly Schedule 2019-2020: Screenings & Seminars

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The lectures are delivered in Greek, except for the  Script Writing Seminar (Thursdays at 18.00 – Univ.Club 4th floor: Ippokratous 15).

The screenings and most of the lectures take place in the Iris cinema (Akadimias 55) unless otherwise stated.

Certain screenings are in English or have English subtitles. See Screening this week for information about each screening.

The seminars will begin on Friday 18 October 2019


Monday 19.00  Film Techniques (8 mm & 16 mm)

(1st semester, by Antony Glaros, Argyris Thanasoulas, assistance: Digenis-Georgios Porphyris, Nikolas Tsanais)

Basic technical knowledge required for film shooting, camera usage, experimental short film projects and editing in 8 mm and 16 mm film.


Monday 21.00  Animation – A Modern Retrospective

(by Christos Kontogiorgas, assistance: Konstantinos Vidalis, Angelos Doudoumis)

An overview of the development of animation film; genres, techniques, schools of practice with emphasis to the most recent works in the medium.


Tuesday 17:00  Filming Act

(K. Palamas building, by Serafeim Arkomanis)

Our aim is to examine the filming act and the way it’s conceived, organised and delivered. You are invited to our journey to the joined worlds of acting, directing and scriptwriting. 


Tuesday 21:00  Western: Then and Now

(by Reggina Zervou, Stavros Marantos, assistance: Andrianna Zavali)

Following the history of the most established American movie genre. Exploring main periods and creators and the potential of its cinematic form today.


Wednesday 21:00 Greek Short Films

(1st semester, by Aphroditi Kairaki, assistance: Margarita Mentaki)

Screening, analysis and discussion of Greek short films. Directors present.


Thursday 18:00   Script Writing Seminar (first meeting on November 14)

(Univ.Club 4th floor, presented in english, tutor:  Iben Ravn, assistance: Marina Benekou, Anna Soundia)

A practical seminar that will provide the skills and techniques required for script development. Additionally, writing of the necessary documentation – synopsis, theme, pitch, proposal etc – will be taught, in order to get the script out in the world and make connections.


Thursday 21:00  The Thursday Screening

(by Kostas Demertzis, Andrianna Zavali, Alexander Minas, Nefeli Tsakanika)

Selection, screening and presentation of feature and short-length films by members of the Cinema Section.


Friday 14:00  Cinema History

(by Vangelis Moustogiannis, Alexander Vossos, Markos Boukis)

A historical review of the most fundamental film movements from the beginning of cinematography up to the modern cinema of the 60’s.


Friday 21:00  Cinema Classics

(by Antonis Glaros, Christos Theodorogiannis)

Screening of films from the classic era of cinema.


Saturday 15:00  Film Direction Projects

(by Vassilis Martsakis, assistance: Praxitelis Mastoras, Stavros Triantos, Anna Gradou, Alexandros Orphanopoulos, Katerina Tsoukala, Mirto Trakada and Marina Benekou)

Discovering film grammar and the basic principles of film direction step-by-step through practical exercises. 


Saturday 21:00  Modernism in Cinema

(by Manos Katsoulis, Nikos Mavros, assistance: Iakovos Vroutsis)

Screening of films which contributed to shaping, developing and modernising the film language: experimental cinema, free cinema, poetic documentaries, abstract film, cult cinema.


Sunday 14:00 Technical Seminar

(by Photis Michael, Alexander Papadopoulos)

Introduction to cinema technology and the film equipment used in the Cinema Section..


.Film Development Lab

(lab run by Pavlina Drakou)

Learning film development first-hand, projecting Super 8 films, and shooting film projects. For further information please send an email to kinimatografiko.lab@gmail.com. [The activities of the Film Development Lab take place at the «Kostis Palamas» Building.]



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