Weekly Schedule 2013–2014: Screenings & Seminars

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Weekly Schedule 2013–2014: Screenings & Seminars


Monday 19:00 Film Techniques (8 mm & 16 mm) (Antony Glaros, Argyris Thanasoulas, Digenis-Georgios Porfyris)

Basic technical knowledge required for film shooting, camera usage, experimental short film projects and editing in 8 mm and 16 mm film.


Monday 21:00  Animation – Α Modern Retrospective (Christos Kontogiorgas, Loukia Tzortzopoulou)

An overview of the development of animation film; genres, techniques, schools of practice with emphasis to the most recent works in the medium.


Tuesday 21:00 Modernism in Cinema (Manos Katsoulis)

Movies which contributed to shaping, developing and modernising the film language; experimental cinema, free cinema, poetic documentaries, abstract film, cult cinema.


Wednesday 20:30 Auteur’s Cinema (Nikos Mavros)

Feature and short-length films by directors with a personal creative vision. 


Thursday 18:30 Technical Seminar (Photis Michael, Alex Papadopoulos)

Introduction to cinema technology and the film equipment used in the Cinema Section.


Thursday 20:30 Aspiring Filmmaker (Alex Skouras)

A journey into the theory, practice and philosophy of cinema through film screening, open discussions and group projects.


Friday 21:00 The Friday Screening (Dimitris Routsis, Christos Theodorogiannis)

Screening of films from the classic era of cinema.


Saturday 15:30 Film Direction Projects (Vassilis Martsakis assisted by Praxitelis Mastoras, Stavros Triantos, and Mairi Hatzieleftheriou)

Discovering film grammar and the basic principles of film direction step-by-step through practical exercises. 


Saturday 19:00 The Saturday Screening (Konstantinos Ikonomou, Nikolas Tsanais, Alexandros Kalaitzis)

Selection, screening and presentation of feature and short-length films by members of the Cinema Section.


Sunday 20:00 Cinema and Adolescence (Evi Avdelidou)

Screening and discussing a collection of independent films on adolescence. Emphasis on viewer’s active participation in approaching films. Psychodynamic perspective of film language.


Wednesday & Friday Film Development
Learning film development first-hand, projecting Super 8 filmsshooting film projects
For further information please send an email at kinimatografiko.lab@gmail.com.

[The activities of the Film Development seminar take place at the «Kostis Palamas» Building.]
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