Weekly Schedule 2012-2013: Screenings & Seminars

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Weekly Schedule 2012-2013: Screenings & Seminars


Monday 19:00 Film Techniques (8 mm & 16 mm) (Antony Glaros, Argyris Thanasoulas, Digenis-Georgios Porfyris)

Basic technical knowledge required for film shooting, camera usage, experimental short film projects and editing in 8 mm and 16 mm film.


Monday  20:45  Animation as a Separate Art Form (Iakovos Vroutsis)

An overview of the development of animation arts, offering a survey of the work of important creators; presentation of the major schools of animation and animation techniques..


Tuesday 21:00 Modernism in Cinema (Manos Katsoulis)

Movies which contributed to shaping, developing and modernising the film language. Experimental cinema, free cinema, poetic documentaries, abstract film, cult cinema.


Wednesday 20:30 Avant-Garde Cinema (Theodore Scrivanos)

Feature and short-length films which contributed to shaping the cinematic medium. Production of personal projects.

Thursday 17:00  History of Aesthetics  (Anghelos Palioudakis)

A critical overview of the development of the whole of Greco-Occidental aesthetic thought; elucidation of the specific sociocultural patterns that underlie the articulation of the great aesthetic theories; surveying matters of intercultural-comparative aesthetics. 

[The seminar takes place in the hall of the University Club’s Music Section, fourth floor in the main building of the Club.]


Thursday 20:30 Aspiring Filmmaker (Alex Skouras)

A journey to the theory, practice and philosophy of cinema through film screening, open discussions and group projects.


Friday 21:00 The Friday Screening/Film Screening (Dimitris Routsis, Christos Theodorogiannis)

35 mm film or DVD screening (mostly films from the classic era of cinema).


Saturday 13:00 Technical Seminar [1st semester only] (Photis Michael, Alexander Papadopoulos)

Introduction to cinema technology and the film equipment used in the Cinema Section.


Saturday 15:00 Film Direction Projects (Vassilis Martsakis assisted by Kostas Stragalinos, Praxitelis Mastoras and Michalis Konstantopoulos)

Discovering film grammar and the basic principles of film direction step-by-step through practical exercises. 


.Saturday 19:00 The Saturday Screening (Aliki Matsouka)

Selection, screening and presentation of feature and short-length films by members of the Cinema Section.


Saturday 23:00 Asian Cinema (Thanos Tsavlis, Loukia Tzortzopoulou)

Asian cinema seminar introducing and analysing the work of contemporary filmmakers from China, Hong Kong (HK New Wave), N. Korea, S. Korea (Korean New Wave), Japan (the Second Golden Age, jidaigeki, chambara), and Thailand (Thai New Wave).


Sunday 17:00 Science Fiction Cinema (Alexandros Papadopoulos, Stratos Papadoudis, Olga Laskari)

Screenings of science fiction films; introduction to the history, aesthetics, technique and philosophy of cinematic science fiction.
Sunday 20:30 Japanese Cinema (Christoforos Kontaratos)
An overview of ’60s and ’70s Japanese cinema: Japanese Νew Wave, independent cinema, underground cinema, avant-garde film, documentary film, film noir, nunsploitation, pinku eiga, ero guro, kaibyo eiga, yakuza eiga.

Wednesday & Friday Film Development
Learning film development first-hand, projecting Super 8 filmshooting film projects
For further information please send an email at kinimatografiko-lab@googlegroups.com.

[The activities of the Film Development seminar take place at the «Kostis Palamas» Building.]



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